Safe ELE School Certificate facing the COVID-19

The Federation of Associations of Spanish schools in Spain, FEDELE, has created a complete recognition system with guidelines, recommendations and protocols to follow to achieve a safe school and free from infections facing the present epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19.

You can come to our Spanish schools with the certainty that they have specific contingency plans and protocols to reduce the risk of infection within the center as much as possible.

This seal certifies that the centers have contingency plans to reduce the possibilities of contagion in the centers and to stop the expansion to prevent possible outbreaks due to COVID-19. However, we cannot assure the absence of risk due to the changing epidemiological situation in which we find ourselves and the personal responsibility of each user.

What are the security measures?

The protocol has more than 40 pages of actions and recommendations for the centers that have the certification. Some of the most outstanding are:

  • All centers certified have a specific Contingency Plan to increase the security of their facilities. These plans have been reliably verified by the federation team.
  • All centers ensure a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters and ensure a limited capacity.
  • The use of hydroalcoholic gels and mask is mandatory within its facilities.
  • The centers have information related to hygiene and safety, as well as signs to respect social distancing.
  • Decorative elements and other surfaces that may be prone to contagion have been reduced.
  • Each center has established guidelines and concrete plans for each of its activities, trips and exams.
  • All this material can be downloaded by the federated centers and applied in their centers.

How to obtain the certification?

Safe school

The federated centers can contact the federation through the usual methods requesting the corresponding accreditations. The federation will check the perfect implementation of the guidelines that ensure the center as a safe space against possible infections and will send the stamps, posters and other material

Access to the System