International centers system

The System of International Centers is a collaboration network born from FEDELE whose main objective is to connect the Federated Spanish schools with international centers, establishing a general international policy of action facing the different challenges that the study of Spanish language and culture have, always under the same common purpose: to offer a quality linguistic and cultural immersion experience to students from all over the world.

This network was born with a spirit of:

  • Coordination with the different affiliated associations and Spanish teaching centers to establish international relations in the dissemination of the Spanish language and culture.
  • Promote a spirit of unity and solidarity between schools in Spain and the rest of the world.
  • Manage and defend the interests and ensure the prestige of Spanish schools.
  • Encourage the defense of the interests of the members, establishing assistance services, promoting events of a formative or cultural nature, representation, and national and international promotion, safeguarding the prestige of the teaching of Spanish in Spain throughout the world.
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If you already belong to the International Centers System, enter here:

What do we offer you?

With the International Centers System, FEDELE wants to promote quality standards for international exchanges carried out through centers and, in turn, carry out joint actions in the field of Spanish language and culture, providing added value to international centers that offer Spanish as a foreign language.

This system shares the interests of Spanish schools in Spain and international Spanish schools by offering advice, support and backup in the steps to be taken with public institutions that aim to enforce the business interests of the partners that request it, as well as an information and consultation service to the centers in aspects of linguistic immersion of the students when coming to study in Spain.

In addition, belonging to the System gives you the following benefits:

FEDELE Recognition

This accreditation granted by the federation ensures quality standards both in international centers and in Spanish schools in Spain.

Collaborating center logo and material

International Centers are offered the accrediting logo of the system as well as commercial material for use in recruiting students.

Web promotion

All collaborating centers will appear in a specific section on the web.

Linguistic offer

Access to a personalized and updated catalog with courses, offers and benefits of the federated schools.


Priority attendance to events dedicated to international centers and teachers, as well as discounts at international events thanks to our memberships.

Access to information

Access to sector studies and certain reports. In addition, FEDELE will design a specific study on Spanish in the world.

Joint development

Joint development of promotional actions and campaigns, transfer of advertising tools; and manuals for training and selling Spanish in Spain.


A series of training actions related to learning Spanish will be available to international centers and their teachers.

Requirements to belong to the system
Process to belong to the system
Requirements to belong to the system

The requirements that international centers must meet to be part of the FEDELE System of international centers are:

  • Accept and comply with the principles of this system.
  • Be dedicated to teaching as a professional activity and offer the teaching of ELE outside of Spain.
  • Commit to having promotional material available to the public and on its website, as well as promoting this service.
  • The international center must truthfully complete Annex I that will be sent to you once you contact FEDELE and agree to be subject of an audit by FEDELE.
Process to belong to the system

The following lines present the process developed to belong to the International Centers System.

1- You should contact FEDELE through the following form.

2- Once FEDELE contacts the center and sends you the appropriate information, you must fill in the annex to begin the application process

3- Opening of the profile validation process: In this process, the federation will validate the data provided and, subsequently, the entry into the system of the center will be confirmed or not by the Managing Board of the Federation. If it is not validated, there is a period to provide more information and request the review. In case of denial, you must wait at least 12 months to start a new procedure.