logotipo de vamos! fedele workshop

¡VAMOS! Spanish in Spain FEDELE Workshop is a professional meeting between agents specialized in language tourism from around the world and FEDELE schools which has been held since 1999.

logotipo ecele

ECELE: The main objective of this meeting is to show the academic offer of Immersion Courses of Spanish as a Foreign Language to teachers and heads of centers where Spanish is taught throughout the world.

logo convencion anual fedele

The FEDELE CONVENTION is the meeting in which the actions carried out by the federation are gathered, discussed and planned.


logotipo formacion fedele

Training: FEDELE develops specific training courses for teachers, schools, students and agencies. Our education systems are varied, presenting multiple objectives and channels.

logo misiones comerciales fedele

They are mixed events that take place outside of Spain and that in a multi-day program carries out different activities aimed at diverse audiences, mostly agencies and teachers whose final objective is the figure of these agents as prescribers for the FEDELE schools.