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What do we offer you as an agency?

At FEDELE we want to recognize and promote the work that the agencies carry out for the promotion and development of our schools.

In 2015 we launched the FEDELE Partner Agency System, with which we want to recognize those agencies that have collaborated and collaborate in the success of the Spanish sector in Spain.

We want to build a network that allows us to strengthen communication and the future of our industry.

Por eso, en 2015 lanzamos el sistema de Agencias Partner FEDELE, con el cual queremos reconocer a aquellas agencias que han colaborado y colaboran en el éxito del sector del Español en España.

Queremos construir una red que permita fortalecer la comunicación y el futuro de nuestra industria.

FEDELE Quality
Specific events for agencies
What does it mean to be an ‘Agency Partner’ of FEDELE?
Registration as an ‘Agency Partner’

FEDELE Quality

From the beginning, one of the FEDELE’s priority objectives was to achieve a quality status in each of its schools. To do so, they had to pass the Quality inspection granted by the Stamp of Accredited Center by Instituto Cervantes. The possession of the stamp is an indispensable condition for a school to enter the corresponding Regional Association, and therefore be a member of FEDELE.

Quality controls are a very serious and reliable guarantee for both students and agents working with our schools.

FEDELE has approved a DECLARATION OF STUDENT’S RIGHTS AND DUTIES and has instituted the figure of the STUDENT GUARDIAN, who takes care of the claims that a student may have. This system is new in language programs and places FEDELE among the most serious and respectful organization with its students and agents.

In the same order of concern for quality, FEDELE has established an internal regulation that is included in the quality charter, by which all schools commit to follow specific guidelines in all the services they offer (facilities, teaching staff, programs, accommodation, activities, insurance, etc.)


Specific events for agencies

vamos fedele agencias

¡VAMOS! Spanish in Spain FEDELE Workshop is a professional meeting between specialized in language tourism agents from all over the world and FEDELE schools, and its been held since 1999.

The next ¡VAMOS! 2019 event is in Valencia and Dénia.

What does it mean to be an ‘Agency Partner’ of FEDELE?

  1. Official certificate of FEDELE collaborating agent
  2. Right to use the FEDELE Collaborating Agency Logo
  3. Appearance in the agency search engine that would be included in the website
  4. Access to information and inquiries regarding the Spanish market
  5. Preferential participation in the FEDELE Annual Meeting and other events organized by FEDELE
  6. Free access to the online training course for a second agency representative

General Conditions

  • To be accepted into the FEDELE Partner Agency program, agencies must confirm references from three FEDELE schools
  • If an agency is not accepted, FEDELE reserves the right to maintain the privacy of the schools and their references
  • FEDELE agencies confirm that they accept and follow the principles established in the London Declaration
  • FEDELE reserves the right to cancel the participation of an agency in the program if there is a complaint from a student, an institution or a FEDELE school
  • In case of cancellation of participation in the program, the registration fee will not be refunded
  • If an agency whishes to withdraw from the program, it must notify it in writing
  • The FEDELE Partner Agency recognition is not an accreditation scheme and this fact will be disclosed in the media in which FEDELE communicates or promotes the scheme

Registration as an ‘Agency Partner’

If you want to be a FEDELE Partner Agency, contact us at