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What do we offer you as an agency?

At FEDELE we want to recognize and promote the work that the agencies do for the promotion and development of our schools.

To do so, we launched the FEDELE Agency System whose main objective is to create a network of international agents to improve the quality of Spanish training in Spain and to increase opportunities for federated schools and international agents.

Belonging to the Agency System carries a series of requirements and values that must be shared by all participants. Qualities that FEDELE schools fulfill thanks to the Quality Charter promoted by the federal entity and the accreditation of the Instituto Cervantes.

Acceso al Sistema de Agencias

¿Eres ya agencia colaboradora de FEDELE? Entra en la sección privada que hemos preparado para ti con información, formación, material y todas las novedades del sector, de nuestra federación y de los servicios de nuestros centros. 


What is the Agency System?
What are the benefits of belonging to the FEDELE Agency System?
Requirements to belong to the Agency System
Process to belong to the Agency System
Terms and Conditions of the Agency System
Specific events for agencies

What is the Agency System?

The Agency System is a collaboration network made by FEDELE and whose main objective is the projection of the study of Spanish in Spain, to establish the bases of business relations between FEDELE schools and international agents; and safeguard the wuality of training and the student’s satisfaction.

With the Agency System, FEDELE wants to promote quality standards for internartional exchanges carried out through agencies and, in turn, carry out joint actions to attract students, presenting the updated offer of the federated centers and offering continuous information on the Spanish as a foreign language in Spain.

What are the benefits of belonging to the FEDELE Agency System?

  • FEDELE Recognition: This accreditation ensures quality standards of both the agency and the educational centers.
  • Collaborating agency logo and material: Agencies are offered the use of the system’s accrediting logo, as well as commercial material for use in recruiting students.
  • Promotion on the web: All the collaborating agencies will appear in a specific section for them on our website and all possible interested students will be reffered to it.
  • Language offer: All agents will have access to a personalized and updated catalog with courses, offers and benefits from the federated schools.
  • FEDELE events: Priority assistance to events dedicated to agencies developed by FEDELE and discounts on international events thanks to our memberships.
  • Access to information: Collaborating agents will have access to sector studies and economic reports developed by FEDELE. A series of marketing tools for Spanish in Spain will be available too.
  • Joint development: Thanks to periodic meetings between the marketing department of FEDELE and international agents, joint actions and campaings, assignment of advertising tools and training and sales manuals for Spanish in Spain will be carried out.
  • Training: A knowledge platform on the Agency System, training in the sale of Spanish courses and economic studies in Spain will be also available to international agents.
  • Study: FEDELE will design a specific study for Agencies, where they will provide their data on students who wish to study Spanish.

Requirements to belong to the Agency System

  • Thuthfully complete Annex I or II
  • Show no signs of insolvency in the payment of fees to federated schools or evidence of non-payment to workers, collaborators or similar entities.
  • Having among the products offered by the agency, the offer of Spanish courses in Spain and/or timely commercial plans for its development.
  • Accredit the legal constitution of the agency in its country of origin with the public registry of commerce or similar documentation.
  • Send at least one student every twelve months to our schools.
  • Participation at least once in VAMOS Spanish in Spain FEDELE Workshop.
  • Accept regular brand auditing processes to check the proper use of the system logo, its communication and the message of its advertising campaigns.
  • Fulfillment of the trainig course on the Agency System, Spanish in Spain and keys to its commercialization.
  • Accept the intermediation of FEDELE in case of conflict between the agency and a federated school.

Process to belong to the Agency System

  1. Fill out Annexes I or II present in the Terms and Conditions of the System.
  2. Sending the Annex that corresponds to FEDELE.
  3. Opening of the profile validation process.
  4. Welcome to the Agency System: reception of material, catalogs, promotional codes, etc.

Specific events for agencies

vamos fedele agencias

¡VAMOS! Spanish in Spain FEDELE Workshop is a professional meeting between specialized in language tourism agents from all over the world and FEDELE schools, and its been held since 1999.

The last edition of the event VAMOS! 2019 took place in Valencia and Denia.