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The Federation of Associations of Spanish schools in Spain, FEDELE, has created a complete recognition system with guidelines, recommendations and protocols to follow to achieve a safe school and free from infections facing the present epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19 and social responsability.

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Students who come to learn Spanish in Spain at Federated schools enjoy the highest quality guarantees. All our schools are accredited by Instituto Cervantes. In compliance with strict internal regulations, our schools follow international standards of good practices in the teaching of Spanish. In addition, many of our schools facilitate access and preparation for the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE), the CCSE (Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain) and the SIELE exam.


Dates, exam structure, FAQs…


Dates, exam structure, FAQs…


Dates, exam structure, FAQs…

Spanish in Spain for teachers

Schools affiliated to FEDELE offer training programs for teaching Spanish in Spain with the aim of continuing with an educational excellence that FEDELE has promoted since its foundation.

All schools, which have the Instituto Cervantes quality seal, follow a strict internal policy detailed in our Quality Charter. Throught this document, all schools agree to meet the required standards in all the services they offer.