FITUR Lingua 2022

The event specializing in language tourism as part of the Madrid International Tourism Fair 2022. With the participation of FITUR, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, and the Federation of Spanish Schools in Spain.


From 19th to 21st January

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About the Event

FITUR Lingua was created to provide a space for the language tourism product at the International Tourism Fair in Madrid. This space, created by FITUR in collaboration with FEDELE and its federated centres, presents this tourism product and the possibilities for operators, companies, and institutions to grow within it.

As a first step in the creation of a sector specializing in this type of tourism at FITUR, this year we are proposing an approach to the sector where FEDELE will present economic data, strategies, and actions to attract students to our country.



The Importance of Language Tourism

Language tourism is defined by institutions such as the World Tourism Organization and Turespaña as those activities that people carry out in another country, whose main purpose is to learn the language of the place they are visiting, and which are complemented by many other activities of a social and cultural nature in the destination.

Spanish is spoken by a total of 580 million people, 7.6 % of the world’s population (according to data from the Instituto Cervantes annual directory), making it the second language of international communication. It is the third language on the Internet, where it has great potential, and is also studied by 22 million people in 110 countries (although it is estimated that the real demand is 25% higher).

Participants in the Presentation

President of FEDELE

Begoña Llovet

Tandem Escuela Internacional principal in Madrid and president of FEDELE.

Manager of FEDELE

David Trigo

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid and Manager of FEDELE since 2008.

Marketing and Communication Manager

Daniel Escalona

Degree in Marketing and Market Research at Malaga University. Its professional career began as a communication and new technologies consultant, where he led several local and national projects. After that, he developed some entrepeneurship lines for which he was nominated for several awards for best brand experience and best youth entrepeneurship idea. During the last few years, he has joined to Spanish Federation of Spanish Language Schools for Foreigners, where he is responsible for communication and marketing, developing and managing national and international activities.

Daniel Escalona


For more information write an email to or contact FEDELE by phone: +34 952 561 837

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