The Instituto Cervantes has recently published an interesting study into the teaching of Spanish in sub-Saharan Africa. Edited by Javier Serrano, who also wrote the first chapter, it gathers together important studies on the position of Spanish in the education systems of the majority of countries in the area, from Angola to Uganda.

Each of the chapters gives us an overall view, where sufficient information is available, of the degree to which Spanish has become the second language in the various different areas of teaching in each country.

We would like to underline the importance of the parts of the study given over to a closer look at the problems of teaching Spanish in an environment which is not particularly favourable due to the economic and social situation and also at the problems of research into these questions.

Therefore, although we recommend reading the whole of the book, we particularly recommend the contributions of the editor and of Vital Tama in one of the final chapters which deals with the problems of teaching Spanish in sub-Saharan Africa.

The book has a long list of specialists in this area and a prologue written by Javier Herrera García-Canturri, Spanish Ambassador to Kenya

Link to the publication here.

Image copyright: Instituto Cervantes.