Jornadas ELE junto al Báltico

Following the success of the teacher training days organized last year in Tallin, Estonia by the Hispaania Maja school, the event is to be held again this year on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

The aim of the event is, in the words of the organisers, “to acquire new energy and ideas for the daily challenge of meeting students in the classroom.”

The teachers at last year’s conference came from many different countries including Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium and of course Spain. This year there will be a wide variety of subjects including teaching vocabulary, developing students’ autonomy and the use of digital resources. The programme for 2016 is as follows:

Saturday 2nd April

  • 30 Luisa Pascual – Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de la Comunidad de Madrid and the publishers Difusión, Spain. The whole is not the sum of the parts. Reflections on the lexicon and its implications in the creation of teaching material.
  • 30 Virginia Sánchez – Hispaania Maja School, Tallin, Estonia. Learning by sharing. The importance of sharing learning objectives in the development of student autonomy.
  • 30 Juan de Dios López Rael – Clic-International House, Sevilla, España. Spanish as a Foreign Language for children. Learning through movement.
  • 17:15     María Méndez Santos y Alberto Rodríguez Lifante. The development of existential competition in the XXI century: reflections on docens philosophicus.

Sunday 3rd April

  • 00 Pablo Álvarez – Marino Clown, Helsinki, Finland. The clown as a means for learning.
  • 00 Hector Ríos – SSML Verbum Facoltà di Studi Umanistici delll’Università di Cagliari. Production and consumption of digital projects in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom. From passive consumer to producer-consumer of content.
  • 00 Pablo Sánchez – Colegio Español de Estocolmo, Sweden. Teaching non-verbal communication in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom.
  • 16:45 Ángels Ferrer Rovira – Instituto Cervantes de Belgrado

My emotions in the classroom and outside of it: tools for learning to manage my work situation.

More information on the webpage of the event.

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