Information has already appeared in the press about a new test of proficiency in Spanish. The new exam, which will be called SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española), will be organised by the Instituto Cervantes, the Autonomous University of Mexico and the University of Salamanca.

The new evaluation system is divided into four sections:

  • Reading comprehension (immediate marking)
  • Listening comprehension (immediate marking)
  • Written expression and communication (evaluation by accredited experts)
  • Oral expression and communication (evaluation by accredited experts)

One of the advantages of the SIELE is that candidates will have the option of taking all sections at the same time or in different parts.

Results are expected to be given within three weeks of taking the exam.  As is the case with any exam of this sort there will be an appeal system and a second qualified examiner will check the expression and communication.  It must be remembered that these type of qualifications have a limited validity, which in this case is two years.

During the official presentation of the exam, King Felipe VI said,  “We were missing a flexible and highly respected exam in the world of Spanish as a Foreign Language, similar to the one offered for English.”

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