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Let’s begin!

We are in 2120 and a few months ago the great discovery of the millennium was announced: the invention of the time machine.

Only a few people in the world have access to this machine, but some of them have made changes in the past and are erasing all traces of the Spanish language. For this reason, we embarked on an adventure, riding our own time machine, to rescue the Spanish language and get back four of the most important books in our linguistic history.

However, in order to start our machine, we have to make sure that you are the ideal candidate to start this adventure. For this, we have prepared a control system within the time machine, so you can only start it if you are able to find out the correct combination.

The answer is three numbers.

Scape Room FEDELE-01

4+4= 8    8+2=10    3+3=0

6+1=5    3+14= 11    22+4=26     19+5=14


4+2= ____ 5+5=____ 8+5=____

First clue
Second clue
Third clue
First clue

Please note that not all operations add up. One adds and others subtract.

Second clue

It is important that you find what the numbers that add up have in common and what the numbers that subtract have in common. So, you can know whether to add or subtract to find the values.

Third clue

The first value is left the same and if the second value is even, it is added, if the second value is odd, it is subtracted.