Once again at this time of year we would like to propose a review of 2016, using the blog to see what 2016 has meant for FEDELE and for the Spanish as a Foreign Language sector. This summary of twelve pieces of news allows us to see a more global picture of the current situation of ELE.

  • 2016 began with the announcement that the FEDELE Annual Meeting, the big annual event for schools and international agencies working with Spanish as a Foreign Language would take place in Alicante.
  • In February it was announced that FEDELE would take part in the Olimpiadas del Españalo in Poznan, Poland.
  • A month later we wrote about FEDELE’s sponsorship of the Torneo Internacional de Lenguas in Malmö, Suecia.
  • In April we started up a new campaign on Instagram to publicise the FEDELE member schools on this social network.
  • The following month we were pleased to present the new digital corporate image of FEDELE:new logo and webpage.
  • In June we announced the programme for the course Coping successfully with foreign language teaching: evaluating options and making decisions, organised by the Instituto Cervantes and at which our president, Mª Carmen Timor, presented the paper, “ How to convert a Spanish language programme into a life experience”.
  • In July, we announced the organisation of the 7th International Conference for Spanish Language Schools (ECELE) in Sevilla
  • And in August the participation of FEDELE in the Spanish Ambassador Competition 2016 in Hungary.
  • During these months we also carried out the “Student of the Week” campaign so that member schools could become known to readers through the experience of students.
  • And the blog has also provided a space for news which schools wanted to share with the ELE community – anniversaries, new premises and various events.
  • In November we wrote about the new portal for the Instituto Cervantes’ exams where all the information about DELE, CCSE and SIELE exams is now centralised.
  • And the year ended with news of the Prize for an outstanding academic career in the teaching of Spanish, this year awarded to Ernesto Martín Peris.

To all our readers, many thanks for being with us for another year and a Happy New Year!