As part of their plan for improving what member schools offer their students, FEDELE has just launched a new initiative: an ISIC-FEDELE international student card for students of Spanish.  This project, which has already begun, is organised with ISIC whose international student card is recognised by major institutions like UNESCO.

More than six million students a year are issued with one of these cards, nearly two hundred thousand of them in Spain. The ISIC card provides access to more than fifty-five thousand specific offers.

The card was created to eliminate obstacles to travel and so reduce the costs of student travel in many different areas: transport, insurance, shopping, tourism and leisure.   It will, therefore, help to democratise higher education, not only for Spanish students who stay in Spain but also for those who travel abroad and of course for foreign students living in Spain.

The advantages for member schools are evident – the ID card will give students the status of student of Spanish as a Foreign Language.  It is valid for one year and there is no age limit for the student.

All schools that are interested in joining the scheme should contact the FEDELE office in order to receive all the necessary information.