One of the most visited islands in the world. Beach, parties, gastronomy and a fantastic climate are some of the things that this incredible island located in the Balearic Islands can offer you: Ibiza, a paradise from which you won’t want to return.

We recommend that you take a route around Ibiza’s famous beaches and coves: Benirrás, Aubarca, Saladeta, Sa Caleta and Ses Salines are some of the most recommended and famous beaches in this Spanish paradise.


Dream Island

Small coves bathed by the blue Mediterranean, pine forests that practically reach the sea, days on board a sailing boat, quiet villages with rural charm, luxury beach clubs, accommodation in paradisiacal surroundings…

Ibiza is a dream destination in the Mediterranean, a place to give free rein to freedom and enjoy the hippie atmosphere of its fashion and street markets, revitalising moments on Balinese beds by the sea or sunsets with inspiring views. Ibiza is so genuine that it is able to combine the most fun nightlife in the world with a historical site and marine biodiversity declared a World Heritage Site.


The old town of Ibiza is also a unique place to discover and you should visit, as you can see buildings and houses more than 100 years old and a beauty that is still latent. In addition, these old neighbourhoods and streets are sometimes accompanied by their famous street markets, where you can find all kinds of jewellery or clothes for a very good price.


If you want to conclude your visit to Ibiza in a more artistic way, you should not forget the large number of museums it has. The Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most recognisable images of the island, and has works of great value and significance. Another of these famous museums is the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera, with unique pieces from very distant times.

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Boat Tours

The wide range of activities that Ibiza has to offer starts with the possibility of taking a boat tour of the best coves.

Diving in the Deep

Its crystal-clear waters are ideal for diving expeditions, where you can appreciate the whole of Ibiza’s ecosystem.

4-wheeled Trip

If you are a road lover, Ibiza offers buggy tours of its dunes and most famous areas.

Discover Our Federated Schools

FEDELE has federated schools in Ibiza.