Tests to obtain

Spanish nationality

According to the new Spanish regulations, obtaining Spanish nationality will require, among others, two tests designed and administered by the Instituto Cervantes.

Both tests can be taken in the network of FEDELE centres:


The test that accredits a basic knowledge of the Spanish language: Diploma de español DELE level A2 or higher (those who have the nationality of places where Spanish is an official language will be exempt from this test). 


The test that accredits knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and Spanish social and cultural reality: CCSE (Conocimientos Constitucionales y Socioculturales de España).

To consult other requirements for the process of acquiring Spanish nationality, visit the website of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

Spanish Nationality Tests - CCSE

Click here to find out more about this specific test: convocations, inscriptions, exam models and frequently asked questions.


Official Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language - DELE

For applicants of Spanish nationality (who do not come from Spanish-speaking countries) it is an essential requirement to obtain the DELE A2 (at least) or one of the higher levels.