FEDELE Flipboard is one of the apps with social network characteristics whose use has increased most in the last few months. Flipboard is known as a news aggregator or newsreader, in this case in the format of a digital magazine.  These magazines give us access to all sorts of information – images, articles, tweets, videos, computer graphics. They have a very attraactive interface and are easy for the reader to use. The app was originally conceived for use on tablets because of its format, but it is now accessible for mobile  phones with IOS and Android operating systems and for any web navigator. This easy access has allowed an exponential growth over the last few months. When the app is run for the first time, the possibility is opened up of subscribing to a wide range of subjects – from gastronomy to fashion, technology to travel, passing through hundreds of different topics and issues. As is logical, digital diaries, favourite brands and blogs can also be added from the Flipboard magazines.    Publications  can be “liked” and they can also be republished in your own magazine. As you can see, Flipboard has become a great resource both for teaching and learning Spanish. Here are the names of some recommended magazines related to the world of ELE:

To learn more about Flipboard. Image rights for the cover picture: Warrenski.