El Cairo

We are pleased to let the readers of our blog know that enrolment is now open for the First Conference of Spanish as  a Foreign Language in the Middle East which will take place in Cairo with the title “Teaching Spanish in the Middle East: opportunities and challenges”.

The event is organised by the Instituto Cervantes in Cairo together with the Institutos Cervantes in Aman and Beirut and will take place between the 30th November and the 1st December.

As the organisers themselves indicate, “The main objective of the congress is to bring together people from the different sectors involved in the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (educational institutions, publishers, researchers, teachers of ELE etc) and provide them with a meeting place and a reference framework for the analysis and debate of problems and common interests related to Spanish in the Middle East and other countries in the region which form part of the area of influence of the Instituto Cervantes. In other words, we will bring together specialists from the three countries where the Cervantes has centres – Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon – and experts from Sudan, Ethiopia, the Arab Emirates and Iraq will also be taking part”.

The conference will be focusing on the following topics:

  • Challenges of teaching Spanish in the Middle East (in the different educational areas).
  • Spanish as a Foreign Language teaching training.
  • Research into Spanish in the Middle East (approaches to curriculum, course design, teaching of grammar and vocabulary will be the main subjects).
  • New tools for teaching.
  • Interculturalism as a specially relevant matter in this region and in the countries where Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan have their area of influence.

More information on the event on the Cairo Instituto Cervantes’ webpage.

Image copyright: Pixabay.