A few days ago, FEDELE and FEDELE Comunidad Valenciana signed a collaboration agreement with the Universidad Internacional de Valencia (VIU), with the intention of giving a boost to academic training in the Spanish as a Foreign Language sector.

The official act of signing was attended by Eva Mª Giner, Chancellor of the VIU, Mari Carmen Timor, President of FEDELE and Eva María Batalla Alonso, President of FEDELE CV.

The Universidad Internacional de Valencia is known for the excellence of its online training. More than six thousand students attend the university which offers a wide range of first degrees and masters. The VIU is an expert in the use of innovative methodologies which enable an effective training for its students.

The main context for the collaboration will be the masters programme for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language which the VIU offers as one of its training programmes. The presence of FEDELE will guarantee first-hand knowledge of the Spanish as a Foreign Language sector in Spain..

Image copyright: VIU.