FEDELE has recently reached an agreement with Meddeas, an organisation which finds and allocates paid positions as English conversation teaching assistants in private Spanish schools.

With this agreement FEDELE, and therefore member schools, will be able to offer native English speakers the possibility of working as an English language assistant in private schools in the coming academic year.

FEDELE schools will be able to use this agreement to give added value to their courses or to gain the loyalty of their students or simply to provide useful information to students who are thinking about teaching English in Spain.

There are 140 places available on the programme for the academic year 2015-2016 and these places will be given on a first come first served basis, provided the candidate meets all the requirements.  The recommended deadline for the next academic year is the 1st April, although there may be vacancies at any time in the year and therefore places made available.

The process of evaluating candidates takes approximately one month, during which time there is an interview either in Spain or in the applicant´s home country. Given that there are private schools all over Spain looking for conversation assistants, positions will be allocated according to the candidate’s preferences, his or her profile and the schools available.

Member schools who are interested in presenting candidates should send the candidate´s CV and a letter of presentation to the FEDELE office.  Once the application has been received, FEDELE will send it to MEDDEAS to be evaluated and a position allocated according to the criteria of the selection process.

More information at Meddeas.com