Convención FEDELE 2018

Once again it’s time for the FEDELE National Convention, a time for pooling the ideas we have on teaching Spanish in Spain and for understanding the trends of all aspects of the business sector.

The convention will be held on the 15th and 16th February at the Hotel Vincci Soma in Madrid. A large number of member schools will be attending and they will have the opportunity of taking part in both the internal group sessions and the in-training talks for people in management.

Representatives of the Instituto Cervantes, Turespaña and ICEX will provide a welcome ceremony to open the conference. This will be followed by the first presentation in which José Luis García Delgado will speak about the teaching of Spanish in Spain as an industry of the future.

The sessions of working groups will begin after lunch and will be discussing various subjects of relevance to the sector, for instance international markets, human resources and student accommodation. These sessions will continue on Friday 16th.

The FEDELE sectoral report will be presented at the Convention. This document uses comprehensive data to indicate trends in the teaching of Spanish from the point of view of the member schools. On the second day there will be presentations by Okapia Tools on the SIELE tests and on company values.

There will be a closing ceremony at 17.00h

Image copyright: FEDELE