FEDELE formación

The Federation of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language (FEDELE) has for some years now maintained its own portal for teacher training which is directed at member schools and the Spanish sector teaching community in general.

The portal has information divided into two main areas: courses which are organized by the Federation itself and courses offered by each of the member schools.

FEDELE’s teacher training programme has grown in recent years to meet the growing demand of teachers in member schools. This year, as on other occasions, we are working with one of the institutions which has given us most support from the very beginning, the Instituto Cervantes.  With the Cervantes we have created a far-reaching training programme.

Schools which are members of our Federation often organize special training courses for both native and non-native speakers dealing with different subjects and points of view related to the teaching of Spanish.

Interested people are recommended to take a look at the varied programmes of methodology  and didactics offered by our schools.

It is obvious that from start FEDELE has been committed to teacher training as one of its main activities, with the idea of promoting and looking for quality and innovation in education at its member schools.