A few months ago it became officially possible for anyone of any nationality to try for any level of the DELE diploma, anywhere in the world with a recognized DELE exam centre.

Last November the subjective scope of the DELE which is regulated in the Real Decreto 1004/2015 of 6th November  was widened and now reads , “The diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) can be obtained by those candidates who pass the tests of the established exams.”

This modifies Article 2 (“Subjective scope”) of the Royal Decree 1137/2002, 31st October, which regulates the DELE diplomas.

It needs to be remembered that these changes have important consequences on an administrative level:

  • The sworn statement E/L2 disappears since nationals of countries where Spanish is the official language are now eligible, if they so wish, to take any level of the DELE examination.
  • The conditions and requirements for enrolment will need to be changed on all documents where they are mentioned: webpages, blogs, social networks, enrolment forms, publicity etc.

We are sure that the widening of the scope of the DELE will be well received by people taking the exam and that it will enable this evaluation system to reach a much wider public.