CREA Isla Salamanca 2018

Once again, the school ISLA Salamanca is organising the CREA congress with two different dates – 16th – 19th July and 6th – 9th August. CREA is an event for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language, both native and non-native speakers and also for students who are undertaking teacher training.

The main aim of the congress is to act as a space for sharing classroom experiences. ISLA, a Spanish Language school which has been operating for more than twenty-five years, is organising this event with the idea that it will serve as a platform for the presentation and debate of “resources, technologies and dynamics for use in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom, and the training of teachers with the basic premise of participation and collaboration, thus encouraging, as we have already mentioned, the exchange of the different points of view of the people taking part in the congress.” (See the event’s webpage).

People interested in taking part who are currently working abroad as teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language and who have not received a grant from the Junta de Castilla y León in the last three years, are eligible for financial help for paying the cost of accommodation.

This year, as well as the usual areas, CREA is proposing two new formats for working on creativity in the classroom:

The mirror. A section in which participants will be given the opportunity to give a class to virtual students. This session will be analysed in the workshop with the aim of improving the discourse and the way of speaking in front of a class. This process of auto and co-evaluation will be used to plan another session which will incorporate the proposed changes.

You decide. This is one of this year’s new projects and the aim is to provide a new focus for the Spanish as a Foreign Language class using different formats. As the organisers explain, “the cornerstone of the project “you decide” is to give both the teacher and the student the right to decide how a story should be.”

More information is available on the event’s webpage.