nuevo gerente FEDELE

We are very pleased to let our readers and our social network followers know that there has been a fundamental change in the management of FEDELE.  After nearly eight years as the head of FEDELE’s administration, Ana Cózar is leaving us and handing over to the new manager, David Trigo.

Since the end of 2009 to the present time, Ana Cózar has had a successful career leading the FEDELE team. It’s very clear that during these eight years there have been major changes in the Federation and many successes – from the consolidation of the annual FEDELE international events (Vamos and ECELE) to the excellent relationships formed with government authorities, particularly with the Instituto Cervantes and Turespaña.

The fact that FEDELE is currently seen as a business reference point for the Spanish as a Foreign Language sector is largely due to the hard and conscientious work of Ana Cózar. Member schools and everyone who has been on the management board of FEDELE over the last eight years will be very sorry that Ana has decided to strike out on a different professional path, but of course we wish her all the best with her new challenges and are extremely grateful for all the effort, time and attention she has given us over the years

We’ll take advantage of this post to introduce the new manager who will be continuing with this successful policy, David Trigo.   David has a degree in Marketing and Public Relations  and knows the ELE sector at first-hand having worked on the development of the CCSE test  (constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge of Spain) in the Department of Commercial Management and Marketing within the Department of Communication and Marketing at the Instituto Cervantes.

David Trigo has a complicated mission in front of him: on the one hand to consolidate this successful national and international position, and on the other hand to lead new projects in order to strengthen the position of the sector and meet the challenges of the changes yet to come. We wish David luck and success with this challenge. Welcome!