Encuesta ALTO

Readers of this blog will already know that FEDELE forms part of ALTO, the Association of Language Travel Organisations.  ALTO is open to businesses, associations and any organisation related to language teaching and language study abroad.

The main objective of ALTO is to provide a global platform where people from the language study abroad industry can meet and hold discussions with the aim of developing the industry and helping it to grow through networking and information exchange.

ALTO holds a survey each year to ascertain the situation of the sector worldwide.  This year´s ALTO survey is already open both to language schools and to study abroad agencies.

The main aim of this evaluation project is to allow the study abroad organisations to measure their results against those of previous years and also compare them to those of other organisations in other markets.

ALTO also hopes that a comprehensive comparative study will attract more investment to the language travel industry and thus improve its position within the global economy.
To take part in this initiative please use the following link:  ALTO survey.