We are pleased to tell the readers of our blog that FEDELE has recently signed an agreement with the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM) with the aim of creating a framework to facilitate the participation of FEDELE schools in the AUNA programme (Aula Universitaria Abierta).

This programme is directed at foreigners over the age of eighteen – students, graduates and professional people – who enrol at UCLM with the idea of improving their language skills.  The idea is that people participating in the programme can study Spanish at the same time as studying other subjects of interest to them.

Students of all levels can take part in a university semester combining their Spanish course with one of the subjects available on the AUNA programme at either the Toledo or the Cuenca campus.

In order to sign up to this programme students must first take a test to determine their level of Spanish and their suitability for the programme.  Students are required to have a level of at least B1.  There are more than 500 subjects available.