It’s once again the time of year when the Cervantes Escuela Internacional invites teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language to what has become an all-important January event. The International Congress for Teachers of Spanish will take place on the 25th and 26th January 2019, at Sercotel in Malaga. This is the ninth year that the congress has been held and the thought-provoking title this year is:

ARTELE: Film and Literature in the Spanish as a Foreign Language Classroom

Art allows people to express ideas, emotions, perceptions, sensations… and this is the aim of the 9th FONCEI – to awaken the emotions.

What part does creativity play in the classroom? How can we bring literature to the ELE classroom in a clever and communicative way? What part can music, culture, film and art play as catalysts for “multimodal” and technological 2.0 students?  Has enough attention been given to so-called film and television adaptations, that is to say productions based on a work of literature?   How can we make our classes more narrative and less descriptive? What images can we take to the classroom? Is film simply entertainment or is it a tool for learning?

Responses will be given to these and other questions by the excellent speakers at the congress: Mª Ángeles Álvarez, José Manuel Bustos Gisbert, Aurora Biedma, Pilar Escabias Lloret, Yolanda Pérez Sinusía, Mª Teresa Pérez Tapia.

The programme for the event can be found with this link.

More information and the enrolment form are on the webpage.