Encuentro profesores Madrid

The 17th ELE Conference in Madrid, organised by International House Madrid and the publishers Edinumen, will take place on the 22nd and 23rd April at the Ramón Gómez  la Serna conference room at the Círculo de Bellas Artes. This event has continued to grow since it was first introduced in 2000 and has now become a reference point for foreign language teaching professionals who wish to share their knowledge and experience with other colleagues.

This year there will be experts from very different areas of language teaching, from linguistics to the  new technologies.  Jamie Keddie will open the conference with a talk on video-narration, followed by Fernando Trujillo whose talk is entitled “How to launch a probe into the stratosphere. Projects, passions and other entanglements,” and Bernardo Morales with “Help! How can I motivate my group of adolescents?”

Saturday morning’s cycle of talks will continue with José María Lahoz who will be talking about intonation in Spanish as a Foreign Language: phonetic corrections and linguistic and paralinguistic values. Also, Analí Fernández will give a paper entitled “Processes and Resources for a more experiential ELE learning in the classroom”. The sessions will end with Sonia Eusebio reflecting on the characteristics of a quality training activity.

More information on the papers and the people giving them can be found with this link. As well as the papers, the conference will also provide eighteen 40 minute workshops “Direct to the classroom”. These workshops, which deal with different teaching techniques, are intended for teachers who wish to acquire new ideas and apply them in their classes. This year´s new activity will be the ELE children´s short story competition. Winners will be published in “Relatos Clan”.

People wishing to take part in the 17th ELE Conference in Madrid can enrol following the instructions given on the event´s official webpage.