FEDELE is pleased to let our readers know that with the recent addition of two new schools, IDEALOG in Castelldefels and Academia Contacto en Madrid, our Federation now has ninety members.

These two newcomers and the work of all of the associations which make up our Federation have made FEDELE a significant player in the national panorama of Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language and the main representative of private schools in the sector.

FEDELE is made up of a series of regional associations which over recent years have been incorporated into the Federation: Español en Andalucía, with 29 schools; la Asociación de Escuelas de Español de Castilla y León, AEECyL, with 16;  FEDELE Comunidad Valenciana, which has 15 schools; FEDELE Madrid, with 11; FEDELE Barcelona, 10; FEDELE Nacional, with 6 schools and the youngest of all the associations which has only recently been formed, FEDELE Baleares, with 3 schools.