desconferencia FEDELE Valencia

Readers of this blog will know from previous posts, that as from last year FEDELE is organising a series of meetings for teachers with the title of unconferences, in which they are looking for shared participation and creation of proposals for the Spanish language classroom. This conference format has already been used with great success on two previous occasions in Sevilla and Barcelona.

Continuing with this format, FEDELE is organising an unconference in Valencia for teachers of member schools. This training session will take place on Saturday 20th October at the Colegio Mayor Universitario Ausiàs March, Avda. Cataluña, 30.

As on previous occasions, teachers will set up working groups around the questions which most interest them in the world of Spanish as a Foreign Language, and then they themselves will develop solutions, resolve problems or create strategies to deal with these matters. On this occasion the proposals will be based on teamwork and managing groups in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom.

José Ángel Medina, social psychologist and lecturer at the Universidad Complutense, will be the moderator. He will be suggesting strategies for improving the management of groups, at the same time as listening to the suggestions of the teachers taking part in the event.

The programme will be as follows:

  • 00 – 9.30h: Accreditation and supplying of materials
  • 30 – 11.00h:  Opening, the start of working groups
  • 00 – 11.30h: Coffee break
  • 30 – 13.45h: Working groups
  • 00 – 15.00h: Lunch
  • 15  – 17h: Presentation of results and closing

Teachers from FEDELE member schools who are interested in taking part should contact FEDELE through their academic coordinators.