formación Instituto Cervantes

Amongst the annual activities of the Instituto Cervantes there is a programme specifically for teacher training.  This programme, which includes both classroom and online courses, is organised and coordinated by the Centro de Formación de Profesores, which is directed by Elena Verdía.

As the Instituto Cervantes explains on their website, this programme “is aimed at teachers of second and foreign languages and other professional people with close links to the teaching and learning of languages. The courses are grouped in three main categories according to their purpose: starting out in the profession, looking into particular aspects of the profession, taking steps towards assuming new responsibilities and to generating changes.”

The list of courses is arranged in various groups: those which are run by the Centro de Formación de Profesores and those which are co-organised with other institutions (universities, foundations or associations like FEDELE). The CFP also takes part in the organisation of a Masters programme together with UIMP and the UNED.

The following text is from the section of training programmes which are specifically organised with FEDELE: “The courses organised in collaboration with FEDELE are another example of the Instituto Cervantes’ and FEDELE’s commitment to quality in the teaching of Spanish. It is hoped that the courses will provide a contribution to the commitment of teachers in the Accredited Schools and the FEDELE member schools to in-service training and professional development.”

As well as the programme of courses, this unit of the Instituto Cervantes carries out another two activities:

  • Linguistic and cultural refresher courses
    The Instituto Cervantes increases training possibilities with other activities, apart from the ones mentioned above, which are directed at teachers who are interested in increasing or updating their knowledge of Hispanic language and cultures. These are found under the heading “Linguistic and cultural refresher courses.”
  • Communities of Practice
    A new training activity is being started which will focus on the development of working teachers who wish to specialise, look into or investigate a specific professional subject area.
    The first community of practice to be opened will be TutorIC which is aimed at tutors of teachers in training.

Details of the training programme can be found on the webpage of the CFP of the IC.

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