As we´ve already announced on this blog, the next FEDELE Annual Meeting will take place in just a few weeks time in Cádiz.  This is the most long-standing Spanish as a  Foreign Language event in Spain.  It brings together agencies offering Study Abroad programmes and FEDELE member schools to look for new business partnerships and to review and comment on the current situation of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Prior to the FEDELE Annual Meeting, the FEDELE Annual Convention will take place, also in Cádiz.  Schools will discuss organisational matters concerning the Federation and other regional organisations and relationships with other institutions.

At the convention, the annual work plan of FEDELE will also be drawn up.  This meeting will take place on Sunday, 27th September from 12 o´clock midday to 7pm.

The same evening there will be a guided tour of the city and later a welcoming drinks party in the Casa de Iberoamérica where the schools’ representatives will be able to meet the agents.

On Monday 28th September the appointments with the agencies and the member schools will begin in the form of a workshop.  In the evening there will be a boat-trip and dinner at the Castillo de San Marcos in El Puerto de Santa María.

Appointments with the agents will continue during the morning of the 29th September.  In the afternoon there will be visits to the local schools that are taking part in the event.  Marketing activities will be held at the Hotel Parador Atlántico where the participants will also be staying.  This is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in the city.

Image copyright: Gerry Balding.