Changes in the process for obtaining  Spanish citizenship have meant that the institutions involved have had to make changes to their procedures.  The Instituto Cervantes has, therefore, added the 19th February 2016 as an extra date for the DELE exams.

The exam will be organised separately from the CCSE  (Spanish Constitutional and Socio-cultural Knowledge) tests, but information is available on the CCSE portal.  It should be pointed out that this date is only for level A2.

The exam will only be available to people over the age of 18 and only in Spain.  Enrolment dates are from the 12th January to the 1st February.

People interested in sitting the exam on this date should fill out the enrolment form on the DELE section of the CCSE webpage, although there is no obligation to enrol for the CCSE test. Questions arising from this process will be channelled through the DELE section of the Instituto Cervantes webpage.

Source of information: Instituto Cervantes.