The portal redELE (a digital network for Spanish as a Foreign Language) is, without a doubt, one of the most long-standing publications dealing with Spanish as a Foreign Language. It is a service supplied by the Spanish Ministry of Education and is aimed at teachers all over the world.

RedELE contains different sections of information and the following publications are amongst the most important:

  • The magazine, which has texts about teaching, teaching materials and ideas and information from conferences, all for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language or a Second Language.
  • The library, which has PhD theses and MA dissertations and other research papers.

The aim of the network, as explained on the webpage, is to offer “specific information on the teaching of Spanish and to contribute to teacher training”.

Other sections of redELE provide access to research like “The world studies Spanish”; basic information on Spanish in Spain; publications of the Ministry of Education Overseas (listed by country) and catalogues that the Resource Centres have available for teachers.

All the information on redELE can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

More information on their webpage.