El español: una lengua viva 2016
Once again, the Instituto Cervantes  has published its annual study on the situation of Spanish teaching throughout the world. The report covers different aspects of the situation of Spanish, particularly Spanish as an economic asset and its position with regard to internet, science and culture.

The publication finishes with a section on the work carried out by the Instituto Cervantes during its first twenty-five years, the conclusions reached and the most important challenges that Spanish currently faces.

As has become habitual in this type of study, the chapter dedicated to figures gives us a complete numerical x-ray of the role that our language assumes in the international panorama. It emphasizes for instance that for demographic reasons “the percentage of the world population speaking Spanish as their native language is increasing while speakers of Chinese and English are decreasing”.

The final section Conclusions and Challenges gives readers a chance to understand the nature of the challenges faced by the promotion of Spanish as vehicle for international communication.

Link to the document: El español: una lengua viva 2016 [PDF].