If you are a Spanish as a Foreign Language professional you are sure to know about the work of the International Federation of Associations of Teachers of Spanish (FIAPE).  It is made up of sixteen national associations and fourteen thousand Spanish teachers.

Their webpage points out that the aim of the federation is to promote the idea of forming associations both in the sector and at an international level with the idea of acting as a platform for collaboration between professionals of Spanish as a Foreign Language who are living abroad.

•    FIAPE is currently made up of the following associations:
•    AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) of the United States
•    AADPE (Austrian Association of Spanish Teachers) of Austria
•    ABR (Association of Hispanicists of the Russian Federation) of Russia
•    ACH (Korean Association of Hispanicists) of Korea
•    AEPE (European Association of Spanish Teachers)
•    AFDE (French Association of Spanish Teachers) of France
•    AHPE (Hungarian Association of Spanish Teachers) of Hungary
•    ANPE (Norwegian Association of Spanish Teachers)  Norway
•    APECHI (Association of Spanish Teachers of Cyprus) of Cyprus
•    APEE + APEOS (Association of Spanish Teachers of Stockholm and Association of Spanish Teachers of Western Sweden) of Sweden
•    APEERJ (Association of Teachers of Spanish in the State of Rio de Janeiro) of Brazil
•    Mongolian Association of Hispanicists
•    ASOVELE (Venezuelan Association for the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language) of Venezuela
•    ATS-K (Association of Teachers of Spanish – Kenya)
•    AUS (Association of Spanish Teachers of the Czech Republic) of the Czech Republic
•    CAPES (Coordinator of the Associations of Spanish Teachers in Sweden) of Sweden
•    DSLV (German Association of Spanish Teachers) of Germany
•    IATS (Irish Association of Spanish Teachers) of Ireland
•    SBPE (Belgian Society of Spanish Teachers) of Belgium

FIAPE is aiming to spread the Spanish language and Hispanic culture, to support Spanish teachers socially, politically and economically and also to support their work as promoters of Spanish and to coordinate the different associations of Spanish teachers in order to offer services to their members and to organise a variety of different events which may be of general interest to everyone.

For more information about FIAPE visit their webpage.