Español en Andalucia blog

We would like to invite you to visit the new blog of the association Español en Andalucía.  EEA has created this blog in order to provide information on the most important news and events related both to the Spanish as a Foreign Language sector and to the cultural events and attractions of Andalusia.

EEA has been working in the sector for more than twenty years and is currently made up of more than thirty schools from throughout the region.  Quality in the teaching of Spanish is their goal.

EEA has close connections with the many different organisms and public institutions which support it in carrying out its main objective: the teaching of Spanish in Andalusia.  EEA will use the blog to give information about all the important activities of the association and the member schools.

The posts will sometimes be from the schools themselves and will be dealing with Spanish in Andalusia activities which are being carried out locally or organised in their own school.

There will also be posts about important events which EEA  is involved with and others which may be of interest to members and any people interested in the teaching and learning of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

You can visit the blog with this link.