[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Academia Iria Flavia. Spanish school sends us a message:

From Academia Iria Flavia – Santiago de Compostela we want to send a message of encouragement to all our students, collaborators, teachers and friends. We know that we are living a difficult moment for everyone, but we also know that it is at these moments when people offer the best of themselves: common sense, solidarity, resistance … and a lot of imagination to spend the confinement at home. Surely we will get out of this situation soon and we will see each other again in the streets, bars and schools. So, during this quarantine: rest, read, spend time with your family, play, sing and dance, have fun, study Spanish, help your neighbor, call your friends … and, above all, keep calm and carry on!

(Virtual) hugs and kisses for everyone

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