The most important festivities in Castellón de la Plana are those in honour of Mary Magdalene.  They last for eight days, are usually in March and accompanied by good weather. They commemorate the relocation of the city from Magdalene hill to the plains in the middle of the 18th century.

The most remarkable thing about the celebrations is the extraordinary level of participation, both of people from the city itself and of visitors.  A multitude of cultural activities, many of which are free, bring together a huge number of people from all over Spain and from all over the world.

Two of the most impressive events are the Pregó procession and the pilgrimage to the chapel of Mary Magdalene.  They are of historic interest and create enormous public sentiment.  The competition and exhibition of gaiatas (light sculptures) is another very characteristic event.

A variety of musical performances attract both young and old, streets and squares are filled  with people and no one feels left out of the fun.  Firework displays to satisfy the most demanding of audiences are given by internationally famous experts.

Wine-bars and tapas-bars and different gastronomical attractions are also essential to the  festival.  They are in convenient places and easily accessed – there to be enjoyed in the best of company.

To complete the programme of performances and activities there are bull-fights, circus, magic, paella and tabal I dolçaina competitions, story tellers, the alternative fira and many other events, all with only one aim  – to celebrate the fact that this is our city, our customs and our culture.

That´s why when people ask who we are and what do we like we say, “Come and live with us during the fiestas de la Magdalena. They´ll captivate you forever.”