formación de profesores Instituto Cervantes FEDELE

Registration is now open for the Teacher Training Programme organised jointly by the Instituto Cervantes and FEDELE.

The programme, which forms part of the collaboration agreement between the two bodies, includes various online courses for the training of DELE examiners, a classroom course for learning in detail about the Instituto Cervantes accreditation system (SACIC) and an online course coordinated by one of the member schools.

FEDELE member schools can make applications for the courses using the form sent by the FEDELE secretary. The course for DELE examiners and the classroom course on the SACIC are only open to teachers working at FEDELE member schools.

The DELE examiners course each have 30 places and are 16 hours long. The dates are as follows:

  • Examiners accreditation A1/A2: 22nd February to 22nd March.
  • Examiners accreditation B1/B2: 5th April to 3rd May.
  • Examiners accreditation A2/B1: 10th May to 31st May.

The courses on the marking and making of the SACIC Spanish as a Foreign Language exams will take place on the 19th and 20th October at the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid.

The course coordinated by Tandem Madrid is called “Learning with the Heart and Head: Neurolearning and Humanist Approach to the Spanish as a Foreign Language Classroom”. It will take place online from the 17th September to 12 November.

As FEDELE has already indicated, enrolment requests will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis. For the online DELE examiners accreditation course preference will be given to applications from schools which are DELE examination centres. Only if there are available places will more than one application be accepted from the same school.

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