Desconferencias FEDELE

We would like to let our readers know that registration is open until the 9th November for the 4th FEDELE Unconference for teachers of Spanish. This year the unconference will be held in Malaga and will mark the end of the 2018 training programme. The event will take place on Saturday 1st December at Enforex school, 84, calle Carretería.  As usual, the regional association of the federation, in this case Español en Andalucía, will be lending their support.

This unconference, which is entitled “Gramática para la interacción en contexto: escenarios, papELEs y ELEfante”, will be invigorated by Lourdes Díaz, lecturer in Spanish Language at the Department of Translation and Language Sciences at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and Researcher at the Centro de Lenguaje y Computación (CLiC-UB) at the University of Barcelona.

FEDELE would like to encourage teachers of member schools to sign up for this interesting event which will undoubtedly provide many tools and skills for dealing with the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom. Teachers of member schools who would like to take part should please get in contact with the FEDELE office.