FEDELE reconocido por el ICEX

We are pleased to inform our readers that FEDELE has recently been recognised by ICEX as a Collaborative Organisation of ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, E.P.E., M.P.  This will without doubt open many doors to future business opportunities in the Spanish as a Foreign Language in Spain sector as well as in the professionalisation of training.   

As it says on the ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones webpage “ICEX is a public business organisation whose main aim is to promote the internationalisation of Spanish business and the Spanish economy and to improve its competitiveness and it attractiveness to foreign investment”.

ICEX offers Spanish companies a series of basic services for internationalisation:

  • Financial advice
  • Global window
  • ICEX Next
  • Market studies
  • Simulator of set-up costs
  • Participation in international fairs
  • Electronic markets
  • Personalised services

Another important area within the scope of ICEX is corporate training which includes the following programmes:

  • Training schedule
  • Courses
  • ICEX Conecta
  • Virtual classroom
  • Grants
  • “Passport for abroad”
  • Work experience for students

As can be seen from the wide range of offers it makes to the business sector, ICEX has set itself the aim of making contributions to the value chain in the various sectors of the national economy, and to this end organises activities, plans programmes and carries out all sorts of events offering tailor-made services to Spanish companies according to their needs of internationalisation.

More information on the ICEX webpage.