FEDELE Comunidad de Madrid

FEDELE Comunidad de Madrid (Asociación Empresarial de Escuelas de Español de Madrid, AEEEM) was founded in 1995 with the aim of bringing together the efforts and interest of the best schools in the sector and promoting solidarity and collaboration among its members.

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About the association

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Members of FEDELE Comunidad de Madrid

How many members are you currently?

Currently there are 12 accredited centers belonging to FEDELE Madrid, although we hope that this number will soon increase, given that there are centers that have recently obtained the accreditation from Instituto Cervantes and have shown interest in joining our association.

With which memberships or quality certificates does the association count?

As I said before, if a Spanish teaching center wants to belong to the association, it must have previously obtained the accreditation of Instituto Cervantes, which means having passed an exhaustive evaluation on the different areas of its activity.

Subsequently, to be part of FEDELE Madrid, you must assume the Quality Charter of FEDELE, as well as be affiliated to the figure of the Student Advocate, an institution that handles the claims that a student of a FEDELE member school may have. This system places FEDELE among the most serious and respectful organizations with its students and agents.

What are the main objectives of the association?

Among the objectives included in the FEDELE Madrid statutes, I would highlight:

  • The will of its members to defend and guarantee the quality of the Spanish teaching sector;
  • The promotion of Spanish as a foreign language, through collaboration with public and private institutions;
  • The defense of the professional and economic interests of its members, as well as professional ethics.

What has been the evolution of the ELE sector in your region in recent years?

The sector of Spanish education in Madrid in the past years has been growing steadily and has established itself as one of the main centers of Spanish teaching in Spain, in constant evolution, both the offer and the demand, which has demanded the FEDELE Madrid centers a continuous innovation.

What challenges does the association have and what tools does it have to face them?

In my opinion, the most important challenges that FEDELE Madrid faces at this moment are:

  • The organization in 2020 of the annual meeting with international agents of FEDELE (¡VAMOS!), as the 25th anniversary of the establishment of our Association. It is a great responsibility and a great excitement for all of us.
  • The strengthening of the bonds between the partners and the overall work towards the continuous improvement of our organization and the sector, through different actions, such as professionals’ training, both academic leaders and teacher.
  • The adjustment of our schools to the new needs of the students of international academic institutions in an increasingly complex environment.



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What does Madrid offer to learn Spanish?

The capital of Spain, located in a privileged spot, is the nucleus of transport and communications. It offers leisure, gastronomy, culture, language, sports and much more.

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