FEDELE Comunidad Valenciana

Our association was created in 2002 with the aim of bringing together the main Spanish schools of Comunidad Valenciana to achieve quality standards in our services.

All members of FEDELE CV are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, a guarantee for anyone wishing to study Spanish in our schools, all of whom are subject to a pedagogical and professional inspection, which guarantees a high level of education in all FEDELE CV centers.

We are committed to the idea that our schools, located in Castellón, Valencia, Denia, Elche and Alicante, must offer the best image of the Spanish language and its culture.

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About the association

Victoria Sanahuja

Vocal FEDELE Comunidad Valenciana: Dª Victoria Sanhauja, Hispania – Escuela de español

What role has the Comunidad Valenciana played so far in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Spain?

It is true that the teaching of ELE in Comunidad Valenciana does not have a tradition as deep-rooted as other communities, but nowadays we can see that the teaching Spanish sector in Comunidad Valenciana enjoys great health and is in full swing. Every year more students choose to learn Spanish in Comunidad Valenciana and that can be seen in the increase of students per school and in the appearance of new schools. We hope that this reality continues along the same path in the coming years and that many students come not only to Comunidad Valenciana but to the whole country.

What are the most relevant aspects of the ELE educational offer in this community?

From the point of view of the educational offer, I could not talk about what aspect prevails over another, since the educational offer of the schools of Comunidad Valenciana is very varied and each school has its essence, which makes it unique and special, as well that all schools have a charm that sets them apart from the others. If we had to talk about common and relevant aspects in the educational offer, I would cite the training of our teachers.

The Spanish teachers we have in our schools come with a very good linguistic base and that translates into a high-quality offer. In addition, of course, the Comunidad Valenciana is very rich from the cultural, historical, gastronomic and leisure point of view. The leisure offer offered by Comunidad Valenciana enriches the educational offer offered by our schools. On the other hand, from the point of view of internships in business, the Comunidad Valenciana offers a wide range of possibilities since different sectors of the industry of our country are born and developed in our community.

What challenges do the schools and the association face today? How are you planning to face them?

In my opinion, the most important challenge is to provide FEDELE with the prestige and worldwide visibility it deserves. As an association, we have to be known all over the world, just as there are known homologous associations from other countries, and this has to be translated into respect for our schools and trust. On the other hand, it is very important that each school trust in FEDELE and that is committed to quality and transparency as the main objective. Quality comes from training our teams, honesty and transparency and that is something that all FEDELE schools must share.



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What does the Valencian Community offer to learn Spanish?

Our universal language together with our Mediterranean character, gastronomy, historical wealth and the privileged landscape and climate of our location, make the Valencian Community the perfect place to learn Spanish.

All the FEDELE CV staff is at your disposal so that your stay in the Valencian Community is one of your experiences to always remember.

Visit the Valencian Community and discover it!