Aula Toledo

About the school

Aula Toledo is a center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes where the quality, the proximity and the personalization of the teaching is the fundamental thing. In fact, 30 % of our students return. We offer both face-to-face and online classes, oriented to general Spanish and DELE exam preparation. Attention to the needs of each student is our priority. The teachers at Aula Toledo are characterized by their professionalism, experience, enthusiasm and friendliness. We are located in a spectacular city but also in a central historical building, with walls from the 10th century, but equipped with all the comforts and the latest technologies. Our commitment is to make the most of your time in two ways: learning Spanish and enjoying the country.

Travesía de Gaitanas, 2 – 45001 Toledo


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DELE and CCSE preparation

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Centrally located, modern and accessible facilities

Workshops of damascene, antique fencing, bread, cooking, wine tasting

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