International House Barcelona

Once again we are pleased to inform our readers about the practical conference organised by International House Barcelona and the publishers Difusión.

This conference, which will take place on the 18th and 19th December, will give ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) teachers the opportunity to attend theory classes given by experts and researchers into the learning and teaching of Spanish, to attend practical workshops and to exchange classroom experiences with other Spanish as a Foreign Language teachers from the five continents – more than four hundred of them attend the conference.

This year’s programme includes the following:

  • Estrella Montolío (Universitat de Barcelona): “New perspectives on connectors and structures of texts”.
  • Encina Alonso (teacher, teacher trainer and author) opens the section “The ELE sofa” with “We want to continue as teachers of Spanish” with an interview by Francisco Herrera (CLIC International House Cádiz) to celebrate 30 years of International House teacher training courses.
  • Reyes Llopis (Columbia University): “The contribution of Cognitive Linguistics to the teaching of grammar in Spanish as a Foreign Language: ideas for its application”.
  • Scott Thornbury (New School, New York): “Fossilization: Is it terminal?”

As well as the usual practical teaching experiences, conference participants will be able to take part in other events, for instance as mentors in a speed dating for teachers with and without experience and in Doctor ELE.

More information can be found on the conference webpage.

Image copyright: Encuentro Práctico.