Here at the FEDELE blog, we are interested in all proposals relating to the teaching of Spanish, including of course, proposals concerning the training of teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

We would, therefore, like to present one of the most interesting academic publications available to Spanish teachers: the online magazine marcoELE.  As they state on their webpage, the aim of marcoELE is to make material available to teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language for their training and also for their teaching.

This initiative, which has no outside funding, has a clearly independent editorial policy.  The main objective of the magazine is to publish articles which haven´t previously been published and others which although already published may be difficult to access.

They will also be including dissertations and theses and the proceedings of conferences and professional meetings, in keeping with the guidelines given in the sections Monographs and Supplements.

With the idea of promoting and supporting the training of teachers, the majority of the articles in marcoELE have a space for readers’ comments and questions, with the obvious intention of looking for debate and an exchange of ideas.

All the issues published so far are available on the marcoELE webpage.  FEDELE would like to congratulate the editors and thank them for keeping up such a productive initiative in spite of the fact that they have no one helping them but themselves.