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DELE preparation course

Our intensive online courses are performed live, simultaneously with a face-to-face class at each level. The student will feel present in his class, following the usual dynamics of participation. In addition to the live classes, the student will have access to the virtual platform, from which to download documents and exercises made by the teacher.

As part of this modality, we offer preparatory courses guided towards the preparation of the DELE exam (Spanish Diploma as a Foreign Language) programmed to familiarize participants witth these tests. The course includes the six levels in accordance with the Common Framework of Reference for European Languages and the Instituto Cervates’s Curriculum Plan: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

It is essential that the participant has or is very close to the DELE level at which they want to present. Otherwise, the school will inform you of the exam that best suits your level.

The course consists of 2 classes each day specifically focused on the 4 parts of the exam:

– Listening comprehension
– Speaking comprehension
– Reading comprehension
– Written comprehension

Additional information:

Starting dates: Every Monday of the year, except holidays
Minimum duration: 1 week.
Duration of each class: 45 minutes.
Levels: all levels available.

These courses include our pre-level test, access to digital material and our course attendance certificate.

For all the online courses as well as for our face-to-face courses, the teachers will maintain all the quality standards and the management of the classes, following always the same methodology. The student will feel as if he were attending the class, participating and following the interventions of this classmates and the teacher.

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