Cadiz carnival is one of the most celebrated festivals in Spain and the whole city joins in the intense week-long party.  Cadiz´s carnival is special and different. Its people demonstrate their sense of humour and their great capacity for criticism through the words and the music of the songs.

The lyrics and the music for Cadiz carnival change every year.  Hundreds of different choral groups (coros, chirigotas, comparsas, etc.) renew their repertory each year and a fantastic journey through the previous year’s events is created by the lyrics and performed at the Falla Theatre, in the streets, on the street corners and in the squares throughout the city.

The jokiness, the spirited sense of humour, the imagination of the fancy dress and the wit of the local people appear spontaneously every year in February.  Cadiz carnival is a fiesta made by the people of Cadiz.  The local people can be your guide and show you the authentic carnival, the carnival as it is lived and sung by the whole of Cadiz.

The clowning, the emotion, the social and political criticism of the songs all contribute to the way in which Cadiz’s fiesta ensnares people from all walks of life, crowding them together in the streets, particularly in the district of La Viña which is the area which undergoes  the most striking metamorphosis during the festival.

Each year, thousands of visitors from all over the world mix with the people of Cadiz to enjoy themselves and to laugh during a week of magic in which Cadiz behaves like the perfect host, always happy and ready and willing to welcome all its visit