AIL Madrid

AIL Madrid is celebrating its 10th birthday with style! Their original school in the Salamanca district was starting to feel a little tight, so it is with great excitement that they have recently announced their birthday present to themselves: a new flagship center and head office.

Over the last 12 months the AIL team (including teachers, students, architects, artists, and interior designers) tried hard to create an environment perfect for language learning. These efforts have resulted in a modern, soothing, and spacious school with the latest technology and student comforts, featuring 11 state of the art sunlit classrooms, open student study zones, hand painted murals of Madrid, and a fully equipped kitchen for cooking classes. Though they have experienced their fair share of setbacks and bumps along the way, the end result is educationally stimulating and something to be genuinely proud of.

Initial student feedback has been very positive with intensive Spanish student Silvia, 25 from the UK, commenting “my class moved (favorite teacher and all) to the new center without a hitch and I love the new space! At both AIL centers there is always someone to greet you with a huge smile, help you find your classroom, and give you tips on navigating Madrid – it’s like my extended family.”

On the behalf of FEDELE, we’d like to wish our friends in AIL all the very best in their new home… and Happy 10th Birthday.