The 7th FONCEI (the National Forum for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language organised by the Cervantes International School) will take place on the 27th and 28th of January 2017.

The slogan for the meeting is to be “Returning to Never Never Land” and the main subject to be discussed will be the teaching of Spanish to children and adolescents.

A series of questions has been proposed for discussion during the conference:

  • How can creativity be awakened?
  • What activities should I take to the classroom?
  • What methods can I work with?
  • How can critical thinking be encouraged?
  • What games work?
  • How can I improve participation?
  • What do children and adolescents feel and think?
  • How much can they retain?
  • Do social networks help learning in the classroom?
  • Is there an age for playing?
  • Do publishers have suitable manuals for meeting the needs of these pupils?

Teachers working with children and adolescents are always thinking about what activities they can use and how to make their classes more attractive and keep their pupils attention.

The FONCEI will once again be counting on the participation of speakers from the sector and of various publishers.

The Malaga museum MUPAM will become a bridge to Never Never Land for the duration of the conference.

Information on the speakers and their workshops together with the enrolment form can be found on the conference web page. Enrolment is now open.